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Michigan Mold Services method of mold removal is the future of Mold Remediation. We effectively remove all types of mold, including attic mold, safely, quickly and with less cost than traditional methods. In most cases, home and business owners do not have to relocate while the remediation process takes place, nor do they have to have drywall and furnishings removed and incur additional reconstruction or refurnishing costs. Put simply, most of the time we are in and out in a day. But hurry! Mold left untreated will continue to grow and cause more damage.

​When we’re done removing the mold from your home or business, an independent air quality test will confirm that M.M.S. has done its job, and your life can return back to normal without any horror stories to tell.

Current Process

The traditional method of mold removal is expensive and inconvenient.

Often you must leave your home or office for several days while a containment is built, an air scrubber set up, and your walls or ceilings removed. When you finally do return, you’re faced with the expense and inconvenience of putting everything back together.

Traditional Mold removal is time consuming & expensive!

Our Process

Michigan Mold Services is the future of mold remediation.

This innovative and proven technology by way of the Goldmorr System combines products, methods and extensive knowledge for the most effective solution. Our Certified Master Technicians do not have to remove furnishings, you do not have to relocate during the process and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that all mold spores are eliminated.

Our Steps

Mold Remediation in 3 steps:

  1. Inspect
  2. Correct
  3. Protect

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