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Mold Testing for Homeowners and Property Managers

Property Managers | Purpose built Processes for Property Management

As Property Managers, it is often hard to know who to call and what action should be taken in order to eliminate the mold, but we here at Michigan Mold Services are here to help with any mold problem, large or small.

Our system means that unlike other companies we do not have to damage walls or require your tenants to vacate for an extended amount of time. Often apartments and homes can be treated and ready for your tenants to return in the same day.

M.M.S. identifies the source of the problem and works with you to provide real solutions to stop the mold growth from reoccurring.

Home Buyers | Purchasing a Healthy Home

Just as you request a Home Inspection report before purchasing, it is highly suggested that you complete a mold inspection report given the potential hazards

Our mold inspection report can advise you of potential hidden hazards that can cause structural damage to the property and health issues to you and your family.

M.M.S. remediation services will ensure you and your family can live in a safe and healthy environment.

Home Owners | Eliminating Mold for Good

Our system means that unlike other companies, we do not have to damage walls or require you to vacate your home for an extended amount of time. Many of our customers notice not only a visual difference but also improved health. It is important to act quickly as mold will continue to grow if left unattended.

Have peace of mind knowing that the problem has not only be cleaned but eliminated.