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Michigan Mold Service Removal and Remediation Process

M.M.S. inspects attic intake vents for blockage, calculates recommended venting requirements and checks for roof leaks and improperly vented fans.


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    Analysis & Correction

    The most important step is to address the cause of Attic Mold. Most Attic Mold is from a lack of proper ventilation, roof leaks, improper exhaust venting or attic air leaks.

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    Site Prep – Protect Your Home

    We isolate the attic from the rest of the house. We put down protective canvas through the walkways of the house leading to where we will be working. This important step protects your home.

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    Attic Mold & Stain Removal

    Our Company treats the attic sheathing with a chemical spray which removes all visible mold and penetrates the roof sheathing eliminating the mold root structure. Click here to watch videos of our process.

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    Attic Fogging

    Once the Attic Mold has been remediated, our Certified Master Technicians will fog the attic area with an Anti-Microbial eliminating 99.99997% of the mold spores.

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    Mold Protection for Your Attic

    A clear coating is applied to your attic roof sheathing effectively sealing the wood. Its mold inhibiting properties ensure that fungal growth cannot occur. 10 YEAR GUARANTEE!